Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Gulati Group’s Apparel Sourcing Follows Strict QA Processes

May 26, 2014 – New York, NY – The Gulati Group, a textile manufacturer that provides high-quality, accessible clothing design and apparel sourcing solutions for retailers and brands, follows a three-step QA and inspection process to guarantee quality and superiority of the products it manufactures.

“We are a clothing sourcing company with a global clientele base, servicing businesses that care about quality and efficiency. These are at the cornerstone of our business and now we offer those same advantages to your business. The Gulati Group has stringent quality control protocols in place to ensure that production quality stays high for the consumers’ benefit, and apparel manufacturing costs stay low for your benefit,” the head of the company shares.

Being the go-to apparel sourcing company of many retailers and department stores around the world, the apparel sourcing services of the Gulati Group are not limited to a single geographical market. The company has a presence in over 10 apparel manufacturing facilities throughout the world, many of them with complete vertical operations. The expansion of the company is the result of strict and excellent QA processes that it follows, ensuring that every piece of product it distributes is of superior condition and highest quality.

“Our apparel sourcing company conducts strict quality assurance testing, through factory evaluations, lab testing, on-site production monitoring, and multiple inspections. Through our diligence, we are a clothing sourcing supplier that focuses on our customers,” he adds.

The three-step inspection processes that the Gulati Group follows include pre-production, mid-production, and final inspection. With the pre-production inspection, it allows the company to eliminate any potential setbacks and identify issues prior to production, enabling the manufacturers to rectify any problem quickly and efficiently before production begins. The mid-production inspection ensures that the quality of the goods is maintained throughout the production cycle – cutting, dying, sewing, finishing, and washing – and that the production schedule is being followed. Finally, the last step is the final inspection where a random inspection prior to completion of production is done to confirm final quantity and quality of products.

“The entire process takes place with our clients deadlines in mind, so that we provide short lead times that deliver the product on time. This is something that few other apparel sourcing companies can provide that,” he concludes.

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