Friday, June 20, 2014

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. Files Bankruptcy, Will Close Down Soon

June 20, 2014 -- GLENDORA, CA -- Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc., a web company founded by Michael Marquardt, has filed for bankruptcy and will close down soon. The web company has admitted that it could no longer sustain its operation due to lack of budget, unprofessional staff stealing from the company, and insufficient number of clients.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. offers web design and internet marketing services to companies that wish to put their business online. However, due to non-sustaining number of clients and increasing cost of operations, the company has depleted its funds to continue operation.

"It's really difficult to operate a business these days, especially an IT firm. With the high volume of competition and decreasing number of clients who trust your service, it has become challenging for the entire staff of Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. to carry on. It is with a heavy heart to admit that we have no more budget to sustain our business," Marquardt, president and CEO of Crest Media Inc., shares.

Apparently, the company also has unethical employees who steal from its budget. One is Pia Araneta Gonzales, the Marketing Manager of Crest Media Inc..Pia Gonzales secretly hires freelance staff and offers them outsourced jobs, promising good compensation afterwards. However, Pia will eventually hide from her staff and take all the money that belong to them. This is how Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. started losing money.

"Pia Gonzales is a silent thief. She takes money that's not hers from the company, but go on and spend it for her personal finances. Employees like Pia Gonzales are the cause of the downfall of a company. I regret having her in my team," Marqaurdt adds.

Apparently, Pia Araneta Gonzales has a pending estafa case in the Philippines. This is the reason why she flew all the way to California to hide and escape from her responsibilities. Estafa is a criminal offense wherein a person defrauds another by any of the following means: (1) by unfaithfulness or abuse of confidence; (2) by deceit; or (3) fraudulent means.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc.  now bids farewell to all its clients and customers as it files for bankruptcy.

Customers, Delighted with Southern Painting's Services

May 26, 2014 – PLANO, TX – Southern Painting, a professional painting company founded in 1989 that provides homeowners with a full-service interior and exterior painting experience, using upper-tier materials and workmanship at a fair price, receives positive feedback from delighted customers.

“Total customer satisfaction has always been Southern Painting’s primary objective, hence our motto ‘Lots of satisfied customers’. My goal – and that of everyone in the Southern Painting Family – is that you have such a pleasant painting experience with us that you will be proud to brag about it, and us, to your friends and neighbors,” Mark Collins, owner and founder of Southern Painting, shares.

At Southern Painting, the company’s goal is to satisfy all the needs of its customers and offer a variety of residential and commercial services. It uses only premium paints and supplies, like Sherwin Williams, in order to assure success and a quality painting experience. The company also offers the services of a color consultant should a customer seek assistance in matching colors and applying samples. At the end of the job, Southern Painting will also help record the product and color choices of customers for future reference.

A lot of satisfied customers show their great appreciation for the company’s professional services. Michael of Texas, for one, shares, “The exterior of our house looks amazing, and we are very appreciative of the entire staff at Southern Painting. We are so excited and impressed that we are having the interior painted soon.”

Clark, another delighted customer, says, "Your painters did a beautiful job on painting the exterior of my house. They were very professional, courteous and careful not to damage the surrounding shrubs and flowers. It was so gratifying to have workers who took pride in doing a truly professional job. Thanks a lot."

Southern Painting boasts of painting contractors who have the skill and expertise to provide customers with the right interior and exterior painting solutions for their home or office units. “You spend a great deal of time in your home, and a high-quality interior paint job can contribute to a bright and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you want to freshen up a room with a fresh coat of paint or re-paint the entire interior of your home, the painting contractors at Southern Painting will deliver outstanding results and get the job done on time and on budget,” Collins concludes.

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Prime Seamless Gutters and Roofing, LLC Accepts Commercial Roof Repair Requests

May 26, 2014 – SAN ANTONIO, TX – Prime Seamless Gutters and Roofing, LLC, a Texas-based company dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective, and full-service gutter and roofing services without compromising competitive prices, accepts commercial roof repair job orders aside from residential repairs and installations.

“The professionals of Prime Seamless Gutters and Roofing are the roofing contractors in San Antonio you can trust. At Prime Seamless, our roofing services are remarkably high quality, in addition to being backed by some of the most exceptional warranties in the industry. We provide roofing to San Antonio homeowners throughout the entire metro area and Hill Country, and have built a name for ourselves based on the outstanding level of customer service we provide in addition to durable, long-lasting materials and accurate installation,” the head of the company shares.

At Prime Seamless Gutters and Roofing LLC, the commercial roof repair services it offers are designed to save its customers time, money, and aggravation. “Rather than let your roofing problem fester, let us nip it in the bud so that your building stays protected. Our rates are reasonable, and we'll never push you into roofing repairs if replacing your roof is more cost-effective in the long run,” he continues.

Composed of a team of skilled and experienced roofing contractors, repairmen, and installers, the company provides roofing repair services to shops, convenience stores, warehouses, factories, facility centers, offices, commercial buildings, and many more.

Whether your building's roof sustained extensive weather-related damage or your building's roof has gone old, worn out, or not up to code, you will need a reliable roof repair company that works fast and hassle-free. Poor roof performance can result in mold, structural problems, and interior damage. When you need commercial roof repair services, trust the team at Prime Seamless Gutters and Roofing, LLC to get the job done. Our experienced roofing contractors in San Antonio, TX approach every project with precision and care,” he concludes.

Aside from commercial roof repairs, the company also provides the following gutter and roofing services: gutter installation and cleaning, gutter protection, gutter repair, gutter services, leaf-guard, residential re-roofing, roof repair, roofing services, and roof installation. Prime Seamless is committed to handling everything in a timely efficient manner.

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Mezzanines By Design Goes Online, Reaches More Customers

May 26, 2014 – HUMBLE, TX – Mezzanines By Design, an AISC certified fabricator that manufactures structural steel mezzanines, all platform types, and fabricated steel products, goes online to reach and connect with more potential customers. 

The company’s website is simple, easy to navigate, and features detailed descriptions of its complete offerings. It also features images that showcase the actual platform designs manufactured by the company, giving customers an idea about the construction style and materials it provides. The website is composed of six main pages, namely Homepage, Mezzanines and Platforms, Services, Design and Engineering, Photo Gallery, and Contact Us.

The homepage gives web users a short but significant introduction about the company and the services it offers, including manufacture of structural steel mezzanines and all platform types, installation of fabricated steel products, consulting, custom fabrication, implant offices, and material lifts.

On the Mezzanines and Platforms page, Mezzanines By Designs boasts of its service of fabricating all types of custom structural steel mezzanine and platform products. "We at Mezzanines By Design fabricate structures to our general specification. However, if a different specification is required, we fabricate exactly to that specification. Mezzanines By Design offers structural steel mezzanines with lead times that meet your requirements, not ours," the head of the company shares.

Under Services page, the various services that the company offers are listed, including installation, consulting, custom fabrication, in-plant offices, and material lift. “Mezzanines By Design will manage your mezzanine/platform project from conception to completion. You will be assigned a project manager to coordinate with your project management team, to make certain that the mezzanine portion of your project is delivered as needed, when needed,” he continues.

On the Photo Gallery page, the images of the products of the company are laid out and features, including viewing platform, structural steel mezzanines, display or exhibit platforms, hobby mezzanines, maintenance catwalk, parts storage mezzanine, general storage mezzanine, material lift, and others. For potential customers who want to know what the company’s products look like, they can simply browse through this page and see the actual images of the mezzanine and platform products.

Finally, interested parties can reach the company by accessing the Contact Us page and leaving a message on the online contact form which will be sent directly to the administrators of the website. 

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Mainland Stoneworks Offers Free Estimate to Homeowners

May 26, 2014 – ST. ALVIN, TX – Mainland Stoneworks, a Texas-based company that offers high-quality customer assistance and consultation with regards to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, offers free estimate to all homeowners interested in marble, wood, natural stone, and granite countertops in Houston.

As a proud member of the Greater Houston Homebuilders Association, Mainland Stoneworks lives by its business philosophy to provide its customers with the best product available in today’s market at a competitive price, beginning by providing a free estimate to anyone interested in its stone works services.

“We can provide a preliminary estimate by providing the following information—a drawing with dimensions with a photograph of your cabinets or countertops, your material and color selection, your edge selection, your sink selection, and your job location. Designs and style selection can be customer supplied or Mainland supplied,” the head of the company shares.

“After we furnish your estimate, you have the opportunity to approve the quote. If you opt to contract with us, we ask that you sign the proposal that we will send you, and send it back to us as soon as possible. It is important for both parties to understand and agree on the scope and terms of the job,” he continues.

The next step of the process is templating. Once the company receives the signed proposal, a Mainland Stoneworks representative will contact the customer in one to two business days to schedule the template appointment. The homeowner should be present at the time of the template, and that all areas which are to be template, including the existing countertops, should be completely clear of any items. During this appointment, U/M sinks will be cut out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, unless otherwise noted. Afterwards, Mainland Stoneworks will locate seams based on material yield, size, and ease of installation.

“Our marble, granite, onyx, wood and other materials are the highest quality and acquired directly from the region's most trusted suppliers. Regardless of the home renovation in which you're interested, our products are durable and made to last,” he concludes.

Mainland Stoneworks specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling of all types, from full renovations to minor updates, and even that outdoor kitchen that customers have always dreamed of. The company boasts of services that don't just improve the value of houses, but make it feel like home.

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Lighthouse Video Surveillance Participates in Extreme Makeover Home Edition

 May 26, 2014 – HOUSTON, TX – Lighthouse Video Surveillance, a video surveillance company dedicated to providing professionally designed systems and high quality CCTV installations, participates in a build with Extreme Makeover Home Edition that is aired every Sundays on ABC.

The episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition where LHVS participates in features the Beach family, a very deserving family that has been helping children in need for many years. The parents Larry and Melissa have fostered over 85 children that other adoption agencies were not able to place. They have four biological children and nine adopted children. During the last 12 years of fostering, they decided to start adopting after seeing that so many were not being placed in homes.

Due to water damage from Hurricane Ike, the Beach family home becomes unliveable and they have been residing in a travel trailer on their property. However, thanks to ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, Blue Shield Construction, and countless volunteers, the condition of the family changed after 110 hours. A 5,700 square foot home was erected for the family with 8 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a large therapy room for their special needs children. With this project, the family did not have to worry about their home situation any longer.

With the help of Vitek Industrial Video Products, Lighthouse Video Surveillance provided an extensive CCTV system for the family, covering several concerns of the family. First, the system includes cameras in the nursery of the special needs children, therapy room, and play ground, allowing the parents and older siblings to keep a close eye on young children while they are sleeping or playing. The video surveillance system is tied into several televisions around the house and there are 2 19-inch monitors and 1 32-inch monitor dedicated specifically to the CCTV system.

Additionally, the perimeter of the home is covered with a blanket of video surveillance views to help protect the family from any would-be perpetrators. “In our country’s current financial situation, crime is on the increase. Video Surveillance cameras are one of the best ways to help prevent crime. If the would-be perpetrators are aware of the presence of a CCTV system, they are much less likely of attempting a burglary or other crimes,” Danny Myers, President of Lighthouse Video Surveillance, shares.

Lighthouse Video Surveillance is committed to help keep a close eye on the needs of homes and families all over the country, providing security and peace of mind to residential and commercial customers.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. Hires Freelancers, No In-House Staff

June 17, 2014 – HOUSTON, TX – Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc., a company that claims to provide quality web design and internet marketing solutions, outsources its services to freelance IT experts instead of hiring in-house staff.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. does not have enough employees to perform the several web design and internet marketing services they offer that’s why they had to seek assistance from freelancers and part-time outsourced employees. The company also seems to be lacking budget to hire fulltime employees.

“There are a lot of potential talents out there. You only have to know where to look to find freelance web designers, web developers, web content writers, SEO specialists, account managers, and analytics experts. Hiring freelancers are much cheaper than employing full-time employees. Plus, the company doesn’t have to spend on employment benefits and additional work stations,” Pia Gonzales, Marketing Manager of Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc., shares.

Clearly, for Crest Media Inc., the executives prioritize saving on operation cost than investing on manpower, skills, and expertise. To achieve this objective, they hire freelance and part-time web designers, web developers, content writers, link builders, and graphic artists, and pay them with minimum compensation at a very heavy workload.

“Another advantage of hiring freelancers is that there is no formal contract or agreement whatsoever. Anytime we want to terminate their service, we can do so without proper notice,” Pia Gonzales adds.

With many business owners wanting to put their business online, web companies like Crest Media Inc. take advantage of this by offering high cost web solutions even at average quality. Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. even accepts clients of similar business, ignoring the issue on conflict of interest. Its marketing officers promote both businesses that compete against each other, such as Cinco Ranch Insurance Services and Rene Toman Agency, which are both under the home and auto insurance industry.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. claims to be the leader in web design, development, construction and marketing of web sites. Thanks to its paid and unpaid freelance workers, the company is able to perform its services to clients. Without these freelancers, the company might not be able to operate accurately. For more information about the company, visit