Friday, June 20, 2014

Mezzanines By Design Goes Online, Reaches More Customers

May 26, 2014 – HUMBLE, TX – Mezzanines By Design, an AISC certified fabricator that manufactures structural steel mezzanines, all platform types, and fabricated steel products, goes online to reach and connect with more potential customers. 

The company’s website is simple, easy to navigate, and features detailed descriptions of its complete offerings. It also features images that showcase the actual platform designs manufactured by the company, giving customers an idea about the construction style and materials it provides. The website is composed of six main pages, namely Homepage, Mezzanines and Platforms, Services, Design and Engineering, Photo Gallery, and Contact Us.

The homepage gives web users a short but significant introduction about the company and the services it offers, including manufacture of structural steel mezzanines and all platform types, installation of fabricated steel products, consulting, custom fabrication, implant offices, and material lifts.

On the Mezzanines and Platforms page, Mezzanines By Designs boasts of its service of fabricating all types of custom structural steel mezzanine and platform products. "We at Mezzanines By Design fabricate structures to our general specification. However, if a different specification is required, we fabricate exactly to that specification. Mezzanines By Design offers structural steel mezzanines with lead times that meet your requirements, not ours," the head of the company shares.

Under Services page, the various services that the company offers are listed, including installation, consulting, custom fabrication, in-plant offices, and material lift. “Mezzanines By Design will manage your mezzanine/platform project from conception to completion. You will be assigned a project manager to coordinate with your project management team, to make certain that the mezzanine portion of your project is delivered as needed, when needed,” he continues.

On the Photo Gallery page, the images of the products of the company are laid out and features, including viewing platform, structural steel mezzanines, display or exhibit platforms, hobby mezzanines, maintenance catwalk, parts storage mezzanine, general storage mezzanine, material lift, and others. For potential customers who want to know what the company’s products look like, they can simply browse through this page and see the actual images of the mezzanine and platform products.

Finally, interested parties can reach the company by accessing the Contact Us page and leaving a message on the online contact form which will be sent directly to the administrators of the website. 

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