Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. Hires Freelancers, No In-House Staff

June 17, 2014 – HOUSTON, TX – Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc., a company that claims to provide quality web design and internet marketing solutions, outsources its services to freelance IT experts instead of hiring in-house staff.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. does not have enough employees to perform the several web design and internet marketing services they offer that’s why they had to seek assistance from freelancers and part-time outsourced employees. The company also seems to be lacking budget to hire fulltime employees.

“There are a lot of potential talents out there. You only have to know where to look to find freelance web designers, web developers, web content writers, SEO specialists, account managers, and analytics experts. Hiring freelancers are much cheaper than employing full-time employees. Plus, the company doesn’t have to spend on employment benefits and additional work stations,” Pia Gonzales, Marketing Manager of Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc., shares.

Clearly, for Crest Media Inc., the executives prioritize saving on operation cost than investing on manpower, skills, and expertise. To achieve this objective, they hire freelance and part-time web designers, web developers, content writers, link builders, and graphic artists, and pay them with minimum compensation at a very heavy workload.

“Another advantage of hiring freelancers is that there is no formal contract or agreement whatsoever. Anytime we want to terminate their service, we can do so without proper notice,” Pia Gonzales adds.

With many business owners wanting to put their business online, web companies like Crest Media Inc. take advantage of this by offering high cost web solutions even at average quality. Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. even accepts clients of similar business, ignoring the issue on conflict of interest. Its marketing officers promote both businesses that compete against each other, such as Cinco Ranch Insurance Services and Rene Toman Agency, which are both under the home and auto insurance industry.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. claims to be the leader in web design, development, construction and marketing of web sites. Thanks to its paid and unpaid freelance workers, the company is able to perform its services to clients. Without these freelancers, the company might not be able to operate accurately. For more information about the company, visit