Friday, June 20, 2014

Mainland Stoneworks Offers Free Estimate to Homeowners

May 26, 2014 – ST. ALVIN, TX – Mainland Stoneworks, a Texas-based company that offers high-quality customer assistance and consultation with regards to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, offers free estimate to all homeowners interested in marble, wood, natural stone, and granite countertops in Houston.

As a proud member of the Greater Houston Homebuilders Association, Mainland Stoneworks lives by its business philosophy to provide its customers with the best product available in today’s market at a competitive price, beginning by providing a free estimate to anyone interested in its stone works services.

“We can provide a preliminary estimate by providing the following information—a drawing with dimensions with a photograph of your cabinets or countertops, your material and color selection, your edge selection, your sink selection, and your job location. Designs and style selection can be customer supplied or Mainland supplied,” the head of the company shares.

“After we furnish your estimate, you have the opportunity to approve the quote. If you opt to contract with us, we ask that you sign the proposal that we will send you, and send it back to us as soon as possible. It is important for both parties to understand and agree on the scope and terms of the job,” he continues.

The next step of the process is templating. Once the company receives the signed proposal, a Mainland Stoneworks representative will contact the customer in one to two business days to schedule the template appointment. The homeowner should be present at the time of the template, and that all areas which are to be template, including the existing countertops, should be completely clear of any items. During this appointment, U/M sinks will be cut out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, unless otherwise noted. Afterwards, Mainland Stoneworks will locate seams based on material yield, size, and ease of installation.

“Our marble, granite, onyx, wood and other materials are the highest quality and acquired directly from the region's most trusted suppliers. Regardless of the home renovation in which you're interested, our products are durable and made to last,” he concludes.

Mainland Stoneworks specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling of all types, from full renovations to minor updates, and even that outdoor kitchen that customers have always dreamed of. The company boasts of services that don't just improve the value of houses, but make it feel like home.

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