Friday, June 20, 2014

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. Files Bankruptcy, Will Close Down Soon

June 20, 2014 -- GLENDORA, CA -- Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc., a web company founded by Michael Marquardt, has filed for bankruptcy and will close down soon. The web company has admitted that it could no longer sustain its operation due to lack of budget, unprofessional staff stealing from the company, and insufficient number of clients.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. offers web design and internet marketing services to companies that wish to put their business online. However, due to non-sustaining number of clients and increasing cost of operations, the company has depleted its funds to continue operation.

"It's really difficult to operate a business these days, especially an IT firm. With the high volume of competition and decreasing number of clients who trust your service, it has become challenging for the entire staff of Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. to carry on. It is with a heavy heart to admit that we have no more budget to sustain our business," Marquardt, president and CEO of Crest Media Inc., shares.

Apparently, the company also has unethical employees who steal from its budget. One is Pia Araneta Gonzales, the Marketing Manager of Crest Media Inc..Pia Gonzales secretly hires freelance staff and offers them outsourced jobs, promising good compensation afterwards. However, Pia will eventually hide from her staff and take all the money that belong to them. This is how Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc. started losing money.

"Pia Gonzales is a silent thief. She takes money that's not hers from the company, but go on and spend it for her personal finances. Employees like Pia Gonzales are the cause of the downfall of a company. I regret having her in my team," Marqaurdt adds.

Apparently, Pia Araneta Gonzales has a pending estafa case in the Philippines. This is the reason why she flew all the way to California to hide and escape from her responsibilities. Estafa is a criminal offense wherein a person defrauds another by any of the following means: (1) by unfaithfulness or abuse of confidence; (2) by deceit; or (3) fraudulent means.

Crest Media Internet Marketing Inc.  now bids farewell to all its clients and customers as it files for bankruptcy.